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Get Level

Fetches a level and its related information.


name description
levelID The ID of the level to download. See special level IDs for more.
secret The common secret.
gameVersion? The current game version.
binaryVersion? The current binary version.
gdw? Whether the level is in Geometry Dash World.
accountID? The account ID of the user downloading the level.
gjp? The encoded password of the user downloading the level.
udid? The UDID of the user who is downloading the level.
uuid? The UUID of the downloading the level.
inc? Whether to count the download towards total downloads. Usually set to 1.
extras? Currently not used. Set to 0.
rs? Random string. See here.
chk? Check. See here.


Returns a level.



import requests

# with this code we are getting the level Test by DevExit

data = {
    "levelID": 62687277,      # level ID
    "secret": "Wmfd2893gb7",  # common secret

response ="", data=data)



1:62687277:2:Test:3:QSB0ZXN0IGxldmVsIGZvciB0aGUgR0QgRG9jcyE=:4:H4sIAAAAAAAAC6WQwQ3DIAxFF3IlfxsIUU6ZIQP8AbJChy_GPSZqpF7-A4yfDOfhXcCiNMIqnVYrgYQl8rDwBTZCVbkQRI3oVHbiDU6F2jMF_lesl4q4kw2PJMbovxLBQxTpM3-I6q0oHmXjzx7N0240cu5w0UBNtESRkble8uSLHjh8nTubmYJZ2MvMrEITEN0gEJMxlLiMZ28frmj:5:1:6:3935672:8:0:9:0:10:1:12:0:13:21:14:0:17::43:0:25::18:0:19:0:42:0:45:1:15:0:30:55610687:31:0:28:1 hour:29:1 hour:35:546561:36::37:0:38:0:39:50:46::47::40::27:AQcHBwEL#1bae6491cc87c72326abcbc0a7afaee139aa7088#f17c5a61f4ba1c7512081132459ddfaaa7c6f716