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Welcome to the Geometry Dash Programming Discord server's online iteration of documentation for Geometry Dash. Here you can find all sorts of information, documents, and resources for interacting with the game and its servers. We aim to make the most comprehensive open source of information for the game, created by many people who have interacted with the game and wish to share knowledge with others.

The provided documentation is available in the repository. For all issues regarding information found here, please consult us by creating an issue.


Geometry Dash Wrappers

A few people and teams have gone out of their way to create proper wrappers and APIs around the Geometry Dash servers and its client. All of the known and endorsed projects will find their way here, as a listing of resources people can use for their own projects.




Geometry Dash Projects

These are projects that generally interface over the Geometry Dash servers and client, and overall have built up their own recognition and traction along the community and developers alike.



Outside Remarks

With this documentation, the Geometry Dash Programming staff team would love to see your interesting ideas with this project, and kinds of things you create with the information provided. Make sure to hit us up on our discord, and show us of such!